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At Advanced 24/7 Restoration, we understand that water damage emergencies can happen at any time. That’s why we provide 24/7 live call support to ensure you can reach us whenever disaster strikes. Our team is ready to respond immediately, arriving promptly to address your water damage restoration in Denver concerns.

Inspections and Direct Insurance Billing

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Are you worried about the expenses related to water damage restoration? No need to be concerned. If you are located within a 45-minute radius of our office, we provide a complimentary inspection. Even if you are situated outside our designated area, we offer a highly reasonable rate. Additionally, we simplify the financial burden by directly coordinating with your insurance for billing.

High-Level Thermal Imaging Technology

Cutting-Edge Detection for Effective Solutions

Identifying all areas affected by water damage is crucial to prevent further issues. At Advanced 24/7 Restoration, we utilize cutting-edge thermal imaging technology, enabling us to detect hidden moisture and address it promptly. Our advanced approach ensures that we get it right the first time.

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You can trust us to handle your water damage restoration with professionalism and expertise. We are a licensed and insured Denver-based company, committed to providing top-tier services that prioritize your safety and satisfaction.

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When disaster strikes, it’s essential to have a reliable partner to handle your water damage restoration. At Advanced 24/7 Restoration, we are the trusted experts in Denver, offering fast and affordable water removal and cleanup services for both homeowners and businesses. Our skilled professionals are equipped to handle any water damage scenario, from minor leaks to severe flooding.


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How We Perform Water Damage Cleanup In Denver

A Comprehensive Approach to Restoration

Denver water damage cleanup is a carefully planned process consisting of the following steps to ensure success:

Inspection & Initial Drying Plan

If you need help with water damage restoration in Denver, here are the steps you need to take. Successful drying projects begin with comprehensive inspections, addressing safety concerns and locating the issue's source. We ensure accurate categorization; for categories 2 or 3, appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) is worn immediately. By using tools like thermohygrometers and moisture meters, we gather data, assess materials, and outline affected areas. When dealing with mold or hazards, we prioritize proper PPE use, containment, filtration, and engineering controls. Customer input shapes our initial drying plan.

*Fun Fact: High potential for structural or microbial damage to hygroscopic materials occurs when relative humidity is above 70%

*Fun Fact: Circulating air where visible or suspected contamination is present can increase the probability of contaminating unaffected areas

Extraction & Humidity Control

We ensure the extraction process halts water from spreading and accelerates overall drying by efficiently eliminating standing water. Initiation of humidity control from the outset is crucial, preventing continuous damage and reducing humidity levels, which can be achieved through open or closed drying systems based on the existing psychrometric conditions. If feasible, we relocate contents to unaffected areas, taking care to safeguard furniture and, if needed, preserve wet content within the drying zone for simultaneous drying with the structure.


Our technicians will systematically assess and compare the relative humidity, temperature, and specific humidity of the external environment, an undamaged region, and the impacted area. Simultaneously, our dehumidifiers will regulate the drying conditions. We will fine-tune the equipment to secure the most rapid drying while precisely maintaining the desired moisture content within the affected zone. Throughout this process, daily atmospheric readings and assessments of material moisture content will be conducted until the established drying standards are achieved.

Final Inspection

After thorough drying, cleaning, and ventilation, our team conducts a meticulous final inspection, leaving no detail unchecked.

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Once we're finished, all that's left for you to do is sit back and relax in your newly restored home or office.

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At Advanced 24/7 Restoration, our licensed and trained experts deliver water cleanup and repair services unmatched by any other company. We arrive quickly to dry out your home or business, handling Denver area water damage restoration for any property. 

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